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Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection (Industry Division)
FAQ for Assay Office

Why should I certify my gemstone?

Nowadays, many synthetic and treated gemstones are flooding the market . Certification will help you to know whether your gemstone is genuine or not.

How will I know I get my same gemstone back?

Each item received is immediately weighed and assigned a unique Identification number to ensure traceability. The items are kept secured in a safe and are handled with extreme care by our gemmologists.

Do you verify and grade mounted gemstones?

We verify both loose and mounted colored gemstones. However, we grade only loose diamonds.

Do you grade Fancy colored diamonds?

We grade only white diamonds.

What is the minimum size of diamond you grade?

We grade diamonds of minimum size 0.07 Carat or 7 pointers.

How much time does it take to verify a gemstone or grade a diamond?

We usually verify a gemstone within 48 hours and grade a diamond within 72 hours.

Do you verify pearls?

At present we are not equipped to verify pearls.

What does heat treatment mean?

It means that the stone has undergone some type of heating process in order to alter or improve its appearance - most commonly, its color.

Is the jewellery that I bought in accordance to the provisions of the Jewellery Act?

(i) The jewellery must be marked with a Sponsor’s Mark (indicating the manufacturer of the jewellery) and a Fineness Mark (indicating the carat of the jewellery).
(ii) A receipt must be issued containing the mass and fineness (carat) of the jewellery.

What procedure should I follow if I want to sell my jewellery?

A Declaration of Ownership has to be filled in by the person selling the jewellery and it should be endorsed at the Assay Office or at any police station. The following documents can be used as proof of identity and proof of address respectively.

Proof of Identity Proof of Address
National Identity Card; Utility Bill (CEB Bill, CWA Bill, Telephone Bill)
Passport; Statements of bank account or any recent correspondence from the bank
Driving Licence; and Pension card (recently stamped)
Bus Pass issued by Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions Bus Pass issued by Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions


Does the Assay Office evaluate jewellery? What are the applicable fees for valuation of jewellery?

Valuation of jewellery is possible at the Assay Office.
Valuation certificates are issued within 1 working day.
Valuation fees: Rs 250 per jewellery

If I have a doubt on the quality of the jewellery I bought, what should I do?

A person having a doubt on his jewellery/precious or semi-precious stones can submit it at the Assay Office for testing. A report will be issued accordingly.

If I wish to lodge a complaint, how should I proceed?

Any complaint may be lodged to the Assay Office:
1) By phone on 211-0612/13;
2) By email on assay @ or assaysug @;
3) Through a letter addressed to the Director, Assay Office; and
4) Through the Suggestion box available at the counter.