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Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection (Industry Division)

Gemmology Laboratory

The Gemmology Laboratory is equipped with conventional testing and high-tech instruments.

Services offered:


  • Certification of loose diamonds and coloured gemstones.
  • Certification of diamonds and coloured gemstones set in jewellery where mounting permits
  • Grading of loose diamonds, excluding fancy diamonds, for Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat weight (4Cs)

Types of reports issued:

(i) Gemstone Testing Report

This is a full report of all tests which has been carried out in order to identify the gemstone. Besides the identity of the gemstone, details such as refractive index, pleochroism, and specific gravity among others will be reported. This report costs Rs. 375./ per gemstone.

(ii) Gemstone Identification Report

It is an ID size plastic laminated report whereby only major details about the stone tested will be reported. The report includes security features such as an embosser and a hologram to prevent counterfeiting, and it costs Rs. 250./ per gemstone.




(iii) Diamond Grading Report

It is an A5 report whereby the Clarity, Colour, Cut grade and proportions and the Carat weight (4Cs) are reported. The report includes a colour picture of the diamond graded and security features such as an embosser and a hologram to prevent counterfeiting.


Identification of gemstones - within 2 working days per stone
Diamond grading - within 3 working days per diamond