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Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection (Industry Division)

Assay Office


The Assay Office is the body responsible to implement the Jewellery Act 2007.
The Act regulates and controls the manufacture, sale and importation of jewellery made of gold, silver and platinum or their alloys, and the identification and grading of gemstones.
The Assay Office  is a member of the International Association of Assay Offices (IAAO).
“The Assay Office is registered to ISO 9001:2015 and its Assay Laboratory is accredited to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025, as a recognition of being technically independent and competent.”


The Assay Office offers the following services:
1. Testing of gold, silver, platinum jewellery and their alloys for jewellers, government institutions and the public;
2. Verification and identification of precious and semi-precious stones for jewellers, government institutions and the public;
3. Grading of diamonds for jewellers, government institutions and the public;
4. Valuation of jewellery for the public;
5. Registration of jewellers dealing in gold, silver, platinum jewellery and precious or semi-precious stones;
6. Registration of Sponsor’s marks, Identification marks and Importer’s marks for jewellers;
7. Endorsement of Ownership Declaration Form pertaining to sale of second hand jewellery;
8. Inspection visits to ensure compliance with the Jewellery Act 2007;
9. Provision of relevant literature on jewellery; and
10. Investigation of complaints from public.

Quality Objectives


 (i) Issue Certificate of Registration of Jewellers within two days from the date of application.
(ii) Register Sponsor’s mark/Identification mark/Importer’s mark within 30 minutes after submission.
(iii) Cupellation results are issued within three working days.
(iv) Touchstone and X-ray Spectrometry results are issued within one working day for each test method.
(v) Valuation certificates are issued within one working day.
(vi) Issue of identification reports for a maximum of 4 gemstones within two working days.
(vii) Issue of grading reports for a maximum of 3 diamonds within three working days.

The Assay Office operates two laboratories namely the Assay Laboratory and the Gemmology Laboratory. The services are offered to the public, jewellers and government institutions.

Assay Laboratory

Gemmology Laboratory

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Mr A. Somanah
(230) 211 0016
email: asomanah @
Assistant Director
Mr Y.K.P. Lucknauth
(230) 2110618
email:  ylucknauth @
Scientific Officers
Mr F. Tooreea
(230) 211 0612/13/14
Email: mtooreea @
Ms B F S Ramjun 
(230) 211 0612/13/14
Email: bramjun @
 Mr V. Taulloo
211 0612/13/14
Email: vtaulloo @
 Mr K. Seechurn
(230) 211 0612/13/14
Email: kseechurn @
 Mr R. Doongoor
(230) 211 0612/13/14
Email: rdoongoor @

Jewellery Act

The Jewellery Act 2007

The Act makes provision for:
  • Regulation and control of manufacture, sale, importation and display of jewellery made of gold, silver or platinum and of their alloys;
  • Verification and grading of precious and semi-precious stones;
  • Authorisation for applying the State Mark by jewellers on their business premises; and
  • Acceding the Convention on the Control and Marking of Precious Metals, commonly referred to as the Hallmarking Convention.

Dealer's Registration and Transactions


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Assay Office
11th & 12th Floor - Ken Lee Tower
Corner St Georges & Line Barracks Streets
Port Louis
(230) 211 0612/13/14
(230) 211 0617

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